5 thoughts on “Firmware update”

  1. Feature request: In the bed levelling code (M37x), is it possible to not divide the axes from X_MIN_POS to X_MAX_POS (and same for Y axis), but rather X_MIN_POS+10 to X_MAX_POS-10?

    This should bring the perimeter calibration positions in towards the centre of the bed by 10mm and dividing the remaining points between those extremes. I find that the calibration positions on the perimeter is problematic as my bed is exactly 200 x 200 and at some points the J-head nozzle is on the edge or a millimeter off (making the touch position difficult to judge).

    I can try do do it myself, positioning the head this way should be easy, I’m just a bit scared of getting the calibration matrix maths wrong.

    1. Hi Pablo,

      You can get it at the usual place… Armlevel branch of qharley/Marlin on github. I pushed the updates, so it should be there.

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